Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Hardest Day of My Life!

Okay this may be a little dramatic, but
seriously I'm still sore From the whole ordeal, so it's fresh in my mind how HARD it was both physically and mentally. Bytheway the black toenail is now gone!

I ran a 20 mile race yesterday and when I signed up for it I thought ya it will be hard but doable, well let me just tell you how
wrong I was? We started out at 6:30 am at the top of Veyo and ran towards Gunlock down to Ivins. About mile marker 1 ya that's right 1! My right knee was having sharp pains behind the knee cap so I was running limping a bit, I was wanting to take it easy so I stayed in the VERY back of the runners. By mile marker 2 I came to a very very steep hill for about a quarter of a mile....ouch. I kept running and running and this run was very very hilly. I would run up the hill for a quarter of a mile than run down the hill then up the hill then down with a little straight ways in between and that's about how it was the whole run. Now I haven't been training on hills so I was NOT expecting this. By mile marker 13 I was feeling REALLY dizzy seeing stars and all....I decided to take it easy by walking more. Now remember at the beginning I went down a steep hill so I had to come out of that valley, the last two hills were the closest to "Heck" or whatever word you want to use to describe the toughest moment in my life. I couldn't feel like I could go on any longer but I new I wouldn't stop. I walked up the steep hill and ran (hobbled, limped) down it when I got to the top. By mile marker 18 I look behind me and a 10 year old is running past me! I thought "what the crap?" A 10 year old is beating me? What now is an old man with a cane or a lady in a wheel chair going to sneak up behind me too? I had to keep telling myself "Amy you're doing a great job, keep it up girl!" Then I would catch myself saying "I can't, I can't" ....."No you're doing a great JOB!" I'm sure if someone saw me they would be sure to take me to a mental hospital or diagnose me with multiple personalities. The sun, heat, physical stress and mental stress will do crazy things to someone. LOL I turned the corner the last half a mile from the FINISH LINE, I see it long in the distance and just at the same time the song from REM starts playing "It's the end of the world" I thought how appropriate, so gungho I was and started running my hardest to finish this race.....Yaaaaa,? Not so much... that only lasted about 100 steps and here I went again talking to myself trying to talk me up and get me going. My legs couldn't move right and my feet were killing. I walked a hundred feet or so and did the same thing again. I saw in the distance Jason and David on the sidelines so I knew I would finish this race running. I started jogging towards the finish line and I hear this "Mama, Mama, Mama" I see this little boy running as fast as he could thinking he was totally going to fall on his face, yup it was cute. He ran up to me and said "up? up?" I just laughed and said "You have GOT to be kidding me?" "You can run with mommy?, hold my hand?" so we held hands and ran together through the "Finish Line" Thank Goodness that was over! Like I said that day was the Hardest Day of my life both physically and mentally, it was harder than labor (not as painful as labor though but harder)it was harder than anything I could think of.....but it was sooooo worth it, I felt like I had accomplished something unimaginable for me and it was a GREAT feeling. Oh and by the way I will still be running the marathon in 3 weeks....crazy Amy I know.....No I'm not! Yes you are! I go again I don't think the deliriousness has worn off yet.


Gail said...

OW!!! you are mighty woman. Everybody's telling me that the Marathon won't be nearly as bad. WAY TO SACRIFICE YOUR BODY!!!

Sean and Nicole said...

Um, you're crazy! I LOVE YOU FOR IT! I keep reading all this CRAP you do to yourself and I tell myself that after my baby I will totally get in shape like you! Not so much running 20 miles, but I'll start with 1 and go from there!

The 5 Happy Dayz said...

You are so FREAKY'N AWESOME! I really want to start running again, but my body just is not recovering that well from Tavin! excuses excuses! Hey When R we going to do pics! Call me!

ashlynn said...

Hey Amy - glad you are a blogger so I can stalk you.

Not only was 20 miles tough but then you came to your 10 year class reunion - you are awesome!!!

p.s. I need your email (that you use for blogger) to add you to my bebe blog - just email it to me