Sunday, April 24, 2011

What The?

How does someone become a follower on my blog, whom I have never known or care to know because their name is extremely mind burning in a negative way and their profile picture is their naked boobies???? Seriously!? What the!?? Sorry for anyone who happened to notice this vile picture. Heaven knows how long they were my follower because I have not EVER checked my follower in the past 2 years!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little Update

I have decided once again to run another marathon. =) Of course I decided to run it 8 weeks before the race. Oh did I mention I haven’t been training. Yes, I really want to push my body to its limits before I am 35, because we all know after 35 everything is down hill from there. (literally)=)
School has been time consuming this semester and I have felt at times very overwhelmed with it. Speaking with Jason we have decided it would be best for me and the kids if I hold off on my education until they are all in school. It was definitely a bitter sweet decision. I really wanted to go to BYU this year, but I miss the kids when I am gone and feel staying home is the best. I figure I can always work on my education when the kids are older.
Jason and I are teaching the 13 year old Sunday School in church. We enjoy it. =) It’s nice to be able to teach the youth, yet still be able to attend Relief society and Priesthood meetings. Oh ya, and this is the first time in 6 years I have not had to lug around a child through all three meetings and or not be pregnant!! Yeeehaaawww!!
Jason quit his job at UVU and was hired on at BYU doing basically the same thing, interpreting sign language. Currently it has been very slow there so he has been a little bored. It is a much slower pace at BYU verses UVU, with only six deaf clients at his current job verses forty deaf clients at his old job. The absolute best thing about his new job is the environment. He is surrounded with people that have high values and great work ethics, plus many spiritual and uplifting seminars and conferences.
Oh yes, another bonus to his current job is that he had the opportunity to interpret some of General Conference. You know the person in the corner of the television who flaps their hands all over the place? =) Yup, one of those weirdo’s was my handsome husband.
Michael is the same crazy child as usual, saying the same crazy stuff he always does. Keeping me on my toes, he continues to make me laugh, cry, scream, and fall to the ground curling up into a fetal position. I can’t believe he will be in kindergarten this year!
David seems to be moving right a long. His teacher is always commenting on how the other mothers think he looks like a mini brad pit. I do have to say so myself, he is quite the cutie pie. The poor little man is still smaller than the average 3 year old and he knows it too. We never comment on his size, so for him to figure out he is smaller than others his age, shows just how bright he is. He always says, “Mom? I wish Bella would stop growing and I could grow tall, tall, tall!” Bella is almost his size, or “Mom? I wish I would just grow.” =( poor little man. On another note his heart is still doing great. It’s time for his checkup so we shall see how he continues to do shortly =)
Bella, Bella, Bella. She is so dang cute! She is definitely spoiled and she knows it. I try so hard not to spoil that child, but seriously I just can’t help it. She plays well with both of her brothers. They love her so much and absolutely love to play with her and teach her new things. Oh and also her brothers LOVE to get her into trouble by trying to teach her naughty things too. She signs many sign and signs them well. It’s funny to see the difference between her brothers in regards to signing verses her. Her brothers would sign things that would kind of look like the sign but not quite. If you would correct them they would give you a face expression like as if to say, “You know what I am trying to say, I don’t need to sign it perfect.” Bella on the other hand gets this determination in her eyes that she WILL sign it right and you’d better teach her. =)
Things are going quite well aside from the many little mishaps we are so blessed to have in our lives. In general though? Life ROCKS! ;) What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger…..right?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to the Average Day in The Burr Family

As I was shampooing the couches(by hand) I put Bella at the table to eat a P&J sandwich. As she was so amazingly quiet I thought to myself," Man, it is so nice to have Bella so quiet, what a good girl." Then I looked up.........

I guess I forgot to put the Peanut Butter away after I made the sandwich.....

She sure had fun!

Then I threw her in the bathtub.....

This is her making a lovely face at me as if to say,"See mom? I get away with everything!"

Yes,yes she does.

Welcome to the daily life in the Burr Family

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ran 20 miles Saturday!

I am planning on running "The Top of the Mountain Marathon" in Logan September 18th. I really havent been preparing like I did the St. George Marathon, so I decided to do a very long run! Today I have lost one toenail and another one soon to go. =( It took me 3.5 hours of running and 1 hr of walking/crawling =) I didn't mean to do that many miles I just got lost.....again. I seem to do that alot lately lol!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Isabellas Picure

Here is a picture of Bella, I thought for sure she didn't get any good pictures of her......she was a WIGGLE WORM! Obviously the photographer did well =)

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