Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pre School, Park Blowouts, and a Shiner!

Michael started Pre School this week and LOVES it! His teachers name is Miss Merlene and this was one of his projects the second day of Pre School.
It's suppose to be a minnie Michael....I thing the face kind of looks the the masks on the movie "Scream"! I think I either have an artist on board or a psycho path! I hope he's an artist.....

I took David to a baby blessing today and they had their get together at the park after. Here is a couple pictures of David on the play set, afterwards he had a little blow out and the only diapers I had was Bellas newborn diapers (which she is already grown out of) David was so generous to model them for me after I put one on him. It's a good thing he doesn't get his bum from me or otherwise they would have never fit! I feel like we should be walking down a beach somewhere...can you say speedo!

This is Bella before church in her cute velvet red dress, she later had a blowout to at the park and had to run around naked in the same size of diaper her older brother was wearing.

The boys are having fun in the tub, David is a little freaked out at his brother. Jason kept telling them to hug and at first David wasn't having it but got soft to the idea. Michael obviously LOVES the camera !

Last night Michael decided to chuck this rock David is holding at Davids face and gave him a shiner! The little stinker!


Sean and Nicole said...

Yikes! That's not cute and I would have freaked! You're probably really good at not freaking when rocks are thrown. In fact, you probably encourage it and throw a few at the boys yourself? Am I wrong? I dought I am!

BYUSwansons said...

I was wondering what was wrong with David's diaper in that picture. Glad for the explanation...poor guy, he endures so much. lol.