Friday, April 16, 2010

Swing Set

Well this month I decided to buy a swing set for a really good deal....problem was I used all of the grocery money and personal money to get it. I thought "Oh well my kids maybe starving but they will have fun on the play set dang it!" It came with no labeling on the 100 pieces of wood so I printed out some labels of each piece of wood and had to measure each piece because there were NO pieces the same! That took me almost 4 hours to do, they are such tards to not LABEL the dang wood! Well Last Saturday I decided to start the task which said on the instruction sheet for two people it should take 12-14 HOURS! FOR THE LOVE!! Needless to say I FINALLY finished on Monday night while it was raining/hailing (I was determined to finish) I could barely see with the water dripping down my forehead and screwing the nails in the wood....but I finished it. Even though some of the wood was ripped apart from the screws, out of complete frustration from the screws being stripped BALD! I built the playhouse backwards (somehow?) and now the slide goes the opposite way it's suppose to, and it's slightly wobbly! But hey! It works and it's somewhat safe....right?

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Erika said...

Oh my word, you're description of building the playhouse had me in stitches! And when I got to the part about you building it backwards with the slide going the opposite way...I actually snorted. What do we get ourselves into for our kiddies!? So funny! Looks so fun and awesome though.